The Rutgerian Chronicles – Great American Dream 

The longest day in my life, a journey from across the globe, that I earned it brought chills of excitement about the place I always wanted to be in. Apart from the immigration process, the landing at JFK, traveling to the Garden state and arriving in the peaceful beauty of Springfield made an overwhelming statement… More The Rutgerian Chronicles – Great American Dream 

Countdown to Move-in

For us first year students we are quickly approaching move-in day and what marks the beginning of our college experience! August 31st is right around the corner and it’s time to cram in shopping for dorm room supplies. However, as the first of my family to go away to a university I am baffled as… More Countdown to Move-in

Summer at Rutgers!

Hey guys! I’m Melissa, majoring in Communications, and I’ll be a senior in the fall! I know I’m getting old… Don’t remind me. Anyway, when summer comes around, most college kids pack up all their stuff and head home for the short few months we have off! Even if you live 5 minutes down the road… More Summer at Rutgers!