So you've applied and been accepted to Rutgers University. Congratulations! You got into college! You've finished filling out all the applications, answering the same questions over and over again, writing essays, and constantly refreshing your computer screen to see if you had gotten in. That's all history now, but what's next? For me, it was... Continue Reading →

Back to School: High School vs. College

While I stock up on dorm essentials for my freshman year of college, my brother packs up school supplies for his freshman year of high school. It doesn't feel like it's been four whole years since I was in his shoes, but in just four years he'll be in mine.

It Won’t Happen Over Knight

With all the excitement with school starting, something that I'm most excited about is attending Rutgers sporting events, especially the Scarlet Knights' football games. Growing up as a Rutgers fan I have seen the highest of highs of the team and the lowest of lows. However, the past is the past and the team is... Continue Reading →

Regrets During the Application Season

Although I'm not one to lament over regrets, there are definitely a few things I would change if I could go back in time.  The college application season comes sweeping in like a storm, and without guidance, it's can be a nightmare to get through. Here are a few tips I've picked up: Don't get... Continue Reading →

Take a Deep Breathe

Did you take that deep breath? With a few mental breakdowns here and there we somehow made it past high school and into college (pat yourself on the back, you deserve it). Only a few weeks left until you all start college and it might seem quite daunting at first, but trust me, you're ready... Continue Reading →

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping!

With just a little bit of a month to go, move in day is coming up very quickly!  Lately, all I have been doing is shopping for my dorm. CHECKLIST Comforter set Binder and Notebooks Pens Calculator Lotion(s) (Quantity: 100) SNACKS (LOTS OF SNACKS) Parents College Gear My favorite pair of slippers

10 Tips for Applying to College

During senior year, I often heard my friends complaining about applying to college. There are so many deadlines to keep track of, papers and forms to get together. Luckily, I did all of my applications early on so, my senior year was significantly easier. While it is a time consuming process, there's ways to make it seem easy and painless, well as painless as possible. Here's some quick tips on getting through the college application process:

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