Rutgers “Life-Hacks”

In my last post, I spoke a little bit about how I have been spending, and managing, my time here during my first month at Rutgers. During this time, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about different aspects and opportunities at Rutgers. I have also figured out ways to make my time here a... Continue Reading →

Time Flies

I cannot believe that a month of school has passed, it feels like it was just yesterday when I sat down in my first college lecture looking all bright eyed and confused. It's extremely hard to understand that I survived four weeks of school, especially after all the confusion of the first week. But now,... Continue Reading →

Taking a Moment to Celebrate

Rutgers University is considerably quiet regarding the awards and honors of its professors and researchers, despite the surmountable octaves recipients reach in both prestige and quantity.             It is well known that Rutgers is a research university, but further inquiry on students may be answered with vague statements or “Ummm”s. Being a research university obviously... Continue Reading →

Health and Wellness at Rutgers

It has been sometime since my last post and by way of explanation, I was struck with a terrible upper respiratory infection! My biggest fear in coming to Rutgers (okay, not my biggest fear) was what would I do if I became sick? Well, as I sit here now in perfect health, I can attest... Continue Reading →

Food Journey Part 2

So this Friday, we decided to try the Kati Roll place on Easton Ave (right next to Mamoun's Falafels). My friend and I were in desperate need for some comfort food and after looking up Kati Roll on yelp, we weren't expecting very much. The reviews talked about the poor service and food that gives... Continue Reading →

Beating Procrastination

          In September, it seems that students always do their homework, study for tests, get involved in extracurricular activities, and still find time to hang out with their friends . Albeit most of these students crash and burn later in the year, they end up having an awesome first month of school.Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Hustle and (BUS)tle

The semester is already flying by.  Through the hustle and bustle of exams, here are a few tips to keep us all sane as we try to rush to our destinations. 1. Don't take up seats for your belongings.  Unless the bus is basically empty, be considerate and don't take up space with your backpacks,... Continue Reading →

The Food Journey

Food is such a major part of my life. It can make me happy when I'm feeling down and it can make me feel like complete cow poop when I'm in a good mood. So when I first came to Rutgers, I was apprehensive about dining hall food. And don't get me wrong, it was... Continue Reading →

What the Bus am I doing at RU?

As an new transfer student, I knew how college worked coming in. I knew that you should never procrastinate but inevitably will. I knew that you should get involved, check your email, go to the gym. I knew these things from my one year in college already. So why was I nervous coming to Rutgers?... Continue Reading →

Expectations and Reality at RU

After completing my first week, I find it necessary to examine what I had expected and what actually was. First, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jonathan and I am an undergraduate transfer student majoring in philosophy and classics. I commute to the college on a daily basis and am active on campus... Continue Reading →

Avoiding the RU Screw

You awake at 5:30 am. Your eyes flutter open with ease, regardless of the fact that you only received two hours of sleep. You decide that you still have enough time so you nod off.            The sun peers in, startling you. It's ominously silent. You glance at the clock, which reveals a time lapse... Continue Reading →

Keeping That Beginning-of-the-Year Vibe

September is marked with an unique optimism from students—sweet dreams of 4.0 GPAs and stress-free commutes. There are high hopes for classes, weekends, and ourselves. We make promises to eat better, go to office hours, or finally join that sport. But by the second essay, high hopes plummet and we just want a passing grade... Continue Reading →

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