A Quick College Horror Story

“Once upon a time a group of friends were hanging out inside a dorm room on the night of Halloween. They were having a blast getting ready for night out; a night that was well-deserved after midterms just passed by. As they’re talking, a strange sound from a backpack cuts through their conversation. It was... Continue Reading →

Goodbye October. Hello November.

It's Halloween night and I'm sitting here studying and writing essays. This is a depressing situation, however, October as a whole has been a pretty good month. It was full of unexpected mini pleasures. In the beginning of October, I went to an Honors Program Reception at the Zimmerli. I decided to go spontaneously (mostly... Continue Reading →

Halloween DIY Last Minute Tips

It’s Halloween weekend this week and everyone is busy scrambling their costumes together from scratch. The parties are going to be lit, but if you don’t have any costume ideas here are some DIY last-minute easy costume fixes: 1.     Salt and Pepper. Wear a black t-shirt and have a friend wear a white one, draw... Continue Reading →

The RU Commuter Guide

Commuting can be the best and the worst at the same time. You get the comfort of relaxing in your home and having your parents do laundry for you but then you have to wake up super early for class and spend an hour in traffic every morning. To make the best of commuting I... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Homesickness

November is just around the corner, and that means making plans to travel back home for Thanksgiving.  For some, such as the in-state students, this may just be another weekend trip home.  But, if you’re an out-of-state student, like yours truly, it may be the first time you have seen your family since August.  When... Continue Reading →

The Very Fancy Rutgers Club

It's not a club or anything you can join and fundraise for. Nope, The Rutgers Club is fancy shmancy dining/restaurant like thing where, for a meal swipe + $2, you can treat yourself to some nice ambience and decently good food. It's a nice change from the dingy dining hall that is Brower, but it's not... Continue Reading →

Some Mid-Semester Thoughts

It’s safe to say that we’ve reached the mid-semester point, and for some of us, this is a first. To bring some cliché to this, the leaves are falling, there’s more than a slight chill in the air, and fall is upon us like never before. Talks of Halloween and autumn and friends from other... Continue Reading →

Transfer Shock and Rutgers University

With today being the halfway mark through the semester, I feel it necessary to speak about my thoughts on transfer shock and Rutgers. I have transferred from Middlesex County College and upon arrival was told about the possible effects of transfer shock, including a drop in my GPA, feelings of isolation, and a general lack... Continue Reading →

Things to Do During Fall at Rutgers

We are officially in the full swing of fall at Rutgers University!  The air is getting cooler, but things are certainly heating up here on campus! If someone asked me why fall is so popular, I could give them a million reasons; however the biggest reason is, without a doubt, all of the fun things... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up, Just move on

You already know the material so you study just a little bit before your exam. After all it’s pointless since you already learned most of it in high school. You aren’t worried in the slightest. Enter the exam. You nervously look over at the clock as you try and pace yourself. You begin to feel... Continue Reading →

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