Staying Healthy in College

The Holidays are upon us; an open invitation for all things festive, colorful and…delicious. For many people, the defining moments of the holidays often revolve around food. Whether it's baking cookies in the kitchen or sitting down to a dinner feast, the Holidays are a time to rightfully indulge. That being said, there are times... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Finals

The last few days have been blissful because of Thanksgiving break, the delicious homemade food and the copious amounts of therapeutic shopping. However, the stress of finals is almost here. In a few days, we will start crying over last minute assignments, drowning in coffee and staying awake for three days straight. It's so tempting to... Continue Reading →

We Desperately Need to Vote

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I didn't vote for my hometown's local elections. The logistics of squeezing it in between classes and parts of my daily routine simply escaped my grasp. I take slight solace in knowing I'm not the only one to pass out on voting. But not enough solace to... Continue Reading →


Procrastination is a humanly natural response. We do it because we’re afraid of a big task, or we feel that we have enough time to put it off. In reality time is fleeting and we should get big projects and tests out of the way as soon as possible. Here are some tips: Make an... Continue Reading →

Cold Weather Tips for Students

With the weather changing, sunny days and warm breezes have slowly transitioned into whipping winds and overcast afternoons. After much thought (and experience), I've decided to put together some tips to help you stay warm and dry as the weather becomes dreary. After all, a warm spirit and body will help you focus on your... Continue Reading →

Where You Belong

Throughout our entire academic lives we have heard of the importance of extra curricular activities.  When I was in high school I joined every student organization that sounded like it could get me into a notable university.  Now that I've made it to RU I've realized that I can actually join clubs that I'm interested... Continue Reading →

Getting Involved Without an Agenda

One of the most common suggestions I received before entering college was to get involved. I’d heard it from staff, program directors, upperclassmen, and friends. I’ve brushed off quite a few things in my life, and this suggestion was one of them. Go for the resume builders, I convinced myself, don’t do anything that won’t... Continue Reading →

October Events at Rutgers Re-Cap

Happy November! I hope everyone reading has had a wonderful Halloween and has made sure to set all their clocks back an hour. Looking back into the past month, I am really beginning to feel as though I am fully immersed into the college lifestyle. October happens to be one of my favorite months because... Continue Reading →

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