Prepping for Finals

The last few days have been blissful because of Thanksgiving break, the delicious homemade food and the copious amounts of therapeutic shopping. However, the stress of finals is almost here. In a few days, we will start crying over last minute assignments, drowning in coffee and staying awake for three days straight. It’s so tempting to … More Prepping for Finals

Where You Belong

Throughout our entire academic lives we have heard of the importance of extra curricular activities.  When I was in high school I joined every student organization that sounded like it could get me into a notable university.  Now that I’ve made it to RU I’ve realized that I can actually join clubs that I’m interested … More Where You Belong

Get Promoted to Manager: Using Your Time Effectively

When I say to you “time management” what comes to mind? My bet is on color-code planners, complicated schedules, detailed to-do lists and other paraphernalia of organization. I’d also bet that those thoughts make you tense your shoulders, pinch the bridge of your nose, and clench your jaw with the crippling fear that you might … More Get Promoted to Manager: Using Your Time Effectively