10 Things I Learned from My First Semester of College

I still cannot believe I finished (or got through, however you want to see it) my first semester of college.  I also cannot believe I have to do this seven more times to earn my bachelor’s degree, but that’s an idea I’d rather not dwell on right now. In all seriousness, this semester taught me … More 10 Things I Learned from My First Semester of College

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Even a cursory glance around a social media outlet of your choice this time of year will do it’s best to convince you that finals are the academic armageddon. While it’s true that deadlines, word counts, presentations and exams pile up at the end of the semester, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.  There’s tons … More Who Ya Gonna Call?

Christmas in July?

It’s a day that we will never forget- on December 13th, it was 75 degrees and sunny in New Brunswick. The timing could not have been better.  Getting some fresh air and exercise is the perfect way to burn off some energy during a study break, especially with finals just around the corner.  All over … More Christmas in July?

Theater Kids Unite!

Even though Rutgers has so much to offer its students, at times, it can seem as though all of that is drowned out by the athletic scene.  Of course, it is always fun to cheer on our Scarlet Knights, but sometimes, the Big Ten buzz can be a bit deafening, especially for students who don’t … More Theater Kids Unite!