Advice for RU Hopefuls

Around last time this year, I had received my Rutgers acceptance and started planning for college. It was a crazy time, filled with confusion about my future plans and dreams. A few weeks ago, I visited my high school and gave some advise to those who are in a similar situation to the one I... Continue Reading →

Hibernation Is Not for Students

One of the first things I wondered when I came to Rutgers was how the university would feel at its winter prime. I imagined the atmosphere in my head: cold, bleak, and desolate past a certain time of day. I’d heard stories of campus life becoming virtually nonexistent in the winter, and I could only... Continue Reading →

Winter at Rutgers? S’no Problem!

After a weirdly warm start to winter, New Jersey saw its first snowfall of the season this past weekend.  Here at Rutgers, it was blizzarding for almost 24 hours, with accumulations of about two feet!  All of this snow definitely made things on campus very interesting. Of course, this kind of weather calls for the... Continue Reading →

Unique Clubs To Rutgers

With the Spring Semester less than a week away, I felt it appropriate to bring up some of Rutger’s most unique clubs. Every university has clubs that distinguish it from the rest and here are just some of the ones offered here: Quidditch club: Every devout harry potter fan’s dream, Quidditch club is a registered... Continue Reading →

Page 1 of 366

Happy New Year! The start of a new year often marks change and growth.  It’s a time for us to reflect on where we’ve been, and where we are going.  For all of you, 2016 will mark one of the biggest changes of your life-  graduating high school, and moving onto college!  While such a... Continue Reading →

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