Motion to Enter PhilMUN

This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to be on staff at Philadelphia Model United Nations, a four day debate conference for high school students. Working as the assistant director for the Commission on the Status of Women, my director and I spent this weekend facilitating discussion on the topics of Women in STEM... Continue Reading →

Classes for Undecided Majors

One of the best tips I have ever received from a professor is to audit a class. To audit a class means to simply sit in on it without having registered for it officially. The purpose of this is to receive a general overview of the field and whether you’d like to pursue it or... Continue Reading →

Interested in Greek Life?

Once you arrive at Rutgers, one thing will be overwhelmingly evident- Rutgers is a big place. After being here for your semester, I can tell you that a sure-fire way to find your place at Rutgers is to get involved.  If you interested in Greek Life as a way to get involved, Rutgers is a... Continue Reading →

Getting into the Swing of Spring

It is the beginning of February, and the Spring semester is well-underway for Rutgers students. Students are now becoming accustomed to their schedules, diving deep into their studies, and figuring out the fastest bus routes to each class. As a freshmen at Rutgers, getting into the routine of college was definitely a large adjustment, and... Continue Reading →

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