RU Voting

RU Voting? Voting is obviously a privilege that all US citizens should take advantage of since Americans have fought for the right to vote throughout history. It is constructed into our history since patriots fought to have a voice in the Parliament in the late 1700s. In addition women and blacks have fought for a … More RU Voting

About me

Hi everyone! My name is Dishant Shah and I am currently a freshman in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers. I love to go out and socialize, meeting new people and experiencing new things. I am pursuing a BS degree in Computer Science, and am also on the pre business track, as I … More About me

Not Alone

It is too easy to surrender to grey feelings, brought to the surface by murky weather, first exams, and stress-inducing papers. And as autumn marks its cold and wet stamp on campus, anxious blood flows through my veins and pounds with my heart. Year after year, this happens – this change in mood; this change … More Not Alone

BEST is the Best

Joining the Health and Medicine Living Learning Community is the BEST decision of my life (not sorry for the pun)! Not only do you get to live in B.E.S.T (Busch Engineering Science and Technology) hall, you get to live with a diverse group of people who also have the same career goals as you. We … More BEST is the Best

What Transition?

Being an only child who grew up in Brooklyn, New York, coming to another state to spend the next four, maybe eight years of my life as a pre-med student is a change that may seem intimidating at first. However, the move-in team, and living in BEST with other pre-med students in the Health and … More What Transition?

RU Ready?

As a freshman, I was told it was a necessity to go to a football game. So I went. Honestly I didn’t have a lot of Rutgers gear and didn’t want to wear any of the free Rutgers tees I had to the game, so I just wore a t-shirt and shorts (not even school … More RU Ready?

The Immigrant Song

Time flies. I’ve had a first hand experience of this statement quite often lately: when thinking of the things I haven’t done and would never have an opportunity to do; when I see photographs from the past and notice how some people have changed, and finally when I realize that it has already been a month since I … More The Immigrant Song

Orientation to a New Home

“Welcome to Rutgers” is the first thing you see anywhere near the New Brunswick campus during or before your orientation week. As an international and a transfer student, Rutgers made an overwhelm-free transition and an awesome beginning into this world of scarlet. Starting with the organizers who deserve a special “Thanks,” the orientation days were … More Orientation to a New Home

Find A Mentor!

After about two weeks, I can finally say I am adjusted to “college life.” The campus doesn’t seem as huge as it used to appear, and I have more trouble finding rooms as opposed to buildings for class- an improvement. I know where to catch a bus, what “LX” means, and the best (and the … More Find A Mentor!