FIGS: First Year Interest Groups

So taking a break from the dining halls, I would like to talk a little bit about Figs: First Year Interest Groups, here at Rutgers University.  Figs are one credit courses that provide a focus in a specific subject or career area.  For example, my Figs is Exploring Business.  This class focuses on exploring the... Continue Reading →

Have a Safe RU Halloween!

Halloween is a national and cultural tradition, candy-filled and fun-themed, celebrated by young children trick-or-treating for candy – and yes, for young adults as well. In college, the act of trick-or-treating is not parallel (in practice) to that of young children. Children leave the house at a specific time, and depending on their ages, they... Continue Reading →

Figuring Out How to Schedule

So scheduling is just beginning to start and like many other freshmen, I am very intimidated. In middle and high school, and on APA Day someone else has done my schedule, so I have literally never done this before. On top of that there are many different websites to go to.  There is Degree Navigator,... Continue Reading →

Neilson Dining Hall

Alright! So a lot of people say that the Livingston Dining Hall is the best, but Neilson is always close in the competition.  At Neilson, you can expect to have best fresh food.  Also, the variety is amazing!  An awesome option for anyone looking to switch things up are the pre-made tiny subs. As soon... Continue Reading →

RU Biking?

We all know that image: the deafening sound of a ringing alarm, sun barely above the horizon and our own bed warmer than ever, subconsciously calling “Stay with me!” . It is so hard just to get up, especially when the upcoming day seems like it's going to be unbearably long and challenging; so much work to... Continue Reading →


When I moved to this country, the many differences that were striking right away were not only connected to the people-, but also tech-related. In fact, coming to the US was followed by a number of thoughts about computers and their everyday usage. Living here is much more technologically based, which, I believe, makes life a... Continue Reading →

Monster Mash

It's Halloweekend, and I'm happy to say I started off the celebration by volunteering for the 13th Annual Monster Mash. The Monster Mash is a community outreach program taking place in the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center. The event is hosted by Rutgers Residence Life and Recreation. Families, with children in elementary and/or middle schools, from the... Continue Reading →

How to Study Properly

Surely people have their own ways of studying. I've used the flashcard technique, make-an-outline technique, and just-reread-the-whole thing technique. The thing is, a stellar grade in most college courses will heavily rely on just two exams, dubbed "Exam I" (or "Midterm") and "Exam II" (or "Final"). That being said, and with Midterms upon us right now,... Continue Reading →

4 Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes

For most of us Rutgers students, midterms are just about over (thankfully) and this can only mean one thing...Halloween is fast approaching! This can either be the most exciting or dreaded holiday, and if you are panicking because you "have literally no idea" what to be, fear not! Here are some easy and cheap costumes you... Continue Reading →

Asking for Help

One thing about college that I learned. The classes are much more difficult than in high school and I have gone to lecture and sometimes think the teacher was speaking Latin. And when I am studying my notes, I can't figure out what these symbols and letters mean. So here's a simple solution: Ask for help.... Continue Reading →

The NJPIRG Polls

I’m sure most of you have seen a few polls around campus with people urging you to vote in the NJPIRG Referendum lately. I get that feeling. You just want to get to your next class or stop by to eat at the student center. But then a poll worker shouts out to you to... Continue Reading →

Rutgers Attractions

Looking to explore some of Rutgers great attractions? The Zimmerli Art Museum is the place to start! Located at 71 Hamilton Street on the College Avenue Campus, next door to Scott Hall. Zimmerli is chock full of different art pieces, ranging from American art, European art and Russian/Soviet nonconformist pieces. I myself took a trip... Continue Reading →

Transitioning to University at 22

"Are you a freshman?" This is my least favorite question to be asked, considering almost every student living on campus is 1-4 years my junior. Queue the awkward laugh and explenation of being a first-year-transfer-second-semester-sophomore who is almost 23 years old, and alas you have my first interaction with almost everyone I meet. Needless to say, I was... Continue Reading →

Fat Sandwich Review

Are you hungry, or RU Hungry? Rutgers is full of many surprises given its size. One of those that I'm going to talk to you about is the RU Hungry truck, home of the Fat Sandwich. It is located on College Ave right next to the Alexander Library and is open every day. I always... Continue Reading →

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