It recently got cooler, but I can’t complain about that infamously unpredictable “Jersey weather” that I’ve experienced so far. I miss those sunny days of late October when it was so warm that I could even sit under the tree near Scott Hall and study. For the first time ever I was wearing shorts in … More (N/M)ovember

My Final Thoughts (for this Semester) as Final Exams Approach

In the Kilmer Library, studying students come and go on the second-floor. Flowing rotations of students ascend the stairs, stay for some time, and later descend to the lower levels. While here, they occupy wooden carrels and vacant spaces with seating; they read, highlight, write, and type. There is a pleasant silence in the library … More My Final Thoughts (for this Semester) as Final Exams Approach

Build-a-thon 2016! (Best Service Project at Rutgers)

Last month, I took part in one of the most challenging yet enjoyable community service projects I’ve ever done in my life, the Build-a-thon. The Rutgers Build-a-thon is an event run by Habitat for Humanity where teams of 4+ people are tasked with raising funds to build a shelter which they will have to build … More Build-a-thon 2016! (Best Service Project at Rutgers)

Quick Tip: Participate in ‘Cyber Monday’ with Preparation

After the celebration of Thanksgiving, there comes a small storm of consumer-celebrated events that take place over the weekend: Black Friday, and its partner, the media-driven phenomenon ‘Cyber Monday’. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide desirable discounts and persuasive sales, try to spend cautiously as a university student – and with good reason. The … More Quick Tip: Participate in ‘Cyber Monday’ with Preparation

My Second Thanksgiving

What’s the best part of Thanksgiving? The Food.. I’m just kidding. I have to mention all the great things that I’ve encountered during this special celebration, most importantly spending time with the American part of the family again and enjoying their company. It was my second Thanksgiving. In Europe we do not celebrate this holiday: … More My Second Thanksgiving

A Hate (Love) Letter to the RU Bussing System

Dear Rutgers Bussing System, Before I actually met you, all I knew were lies that people told me during the “is this the right college for you?” phase. Such tales included how you would stop getting crowded after the first two weeks, and that you really aren’t that bad. And I’ll give it to you, bus system–I guess … More A Hate (Love) Letter to the RU Bussing System

Helpful Medications

In my dorm room, I have a little black Sterilite container that contains some helpful medications/etc that have helped me stay healthy for this semester (so far!). I thought I would share with everyone. Hope it helps! -Halls -DayQuil/NyQuil -Delsym -Voltaren Gel (this is a prescribed medication for muscular pain, but similar OTC alternatives are … More Helpful Medications

Happy 250 Rutgers!

On November 10, 2016, Rutgers celebrated its 250th year as a university. This was a big deal around campus and I’ll never forget that Thursday. Thursdays aren’t that busy for me, so I was able to do several things during my spare time. I took a dive at the Werblin Olympic-sized pool at Busch that … More Happy 250 Rutgers!

5 Things You Get Used To When You Go Away to College

When I was applying to college and I told my parents I wanted to stay on campus rather than commute, they seemed appalled. Why would I want to trade in my beautiful home for a room that’s, well, just a room, share bathrooms with other people, and possibly live with a stranger?! Well, for me, I … More 5 Things You Get Used To When You Go Away to College