It recently got cooler, but I can’t complain about that infamously unpredictable “Jersey weather” that I’ve experienced so far. I miss those sunny days of late October when it was so warm that I could even sit under the tree near Scott Hall and study. For the first time ever I was wearing shorts in... Continue Reading →

How To Get Rid of Meal Swipes

You paid for way too many meal swipes. You and me both. The semester is coming to an end and we are beginning the struggle to get rid of them. One person can only eat so much in 3 weeks after realizing they have food for 3 months. And of course we don't want to sacrifice our... Continue Reading →

A Guide to New Brunswick Restaurants

After being at Rutgers for almost a full semester and being the food-lover that I am, I had to try out some restaurants other than the dining hall. Here are some notable favorites of mine: 1. Fritz's. Fritz's is an adorable family owned cafe-like eatery. They have amazing sandwiches, soups, salads, and homemade pastries. Perfect... Continue Reading →

Making New Friends

So as a freshmen this year, I was so nervous and worried about making meaningful friends in college. Not just those people who are in your class, who you see twice a week in class, but friends who you can laugh and cry with. Personally in high school, I had to deal with a lot... Continue Reading →

Should I go to Med School?

Sadly, I still don't know the answer. I'm hoping this post will either get people to advise me or allow others in the same boat to know they're not alone. I set my mind to becoming a doctor when I was very young, even before high school. I was "really smart" and "worked hard;" my... Continue Reading →

“Why Rutgers,” you ask?

For some of us, the title of this post brings back memories of a standard essay question on college applications… we wrote 500 words worth of what we thought were the best assets of a given university, in an attempt to “woo” admissions, showing them that: “Oh, of course we know all there is to... Continue Reading →

My Second Thanksgiving

What’s the best part of Thanksgiving? The Food.. I’m just kidding. I have to mention all the great things that I’ve encountered during this special celebration, most importantly spending time with the American part of the family again and enjoying their company. It was my second Thanksgiving. In Europe we do not celebrate this holiday:... Continue Reading →

What I am Thankful For

Even though I’m a day late, Happy Late Thanksgiving and Good Luck to everyone who is going Black Friday shopping. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to make a list of everything that I am thankful for.  So here I go First and for most, I am thankful for my parents who constantly support... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Thanksgiving Break

It is officially two days till one of the best holidays all year in my opinion, Thanksgiving. Although we only get a few days for break, I am looking forward to it more than ever. After countless exams and papers my brain needs a little rest for sure. Thanksgiving is all about family, food, fun,... Continue Reading →

A Hate (Love) Letter to the RU Bussing System

Rutgers–New Brunswick Student Blog

Dear Rutgers Bussing System,

Before I actually met you, all I knew were lies that people told me during the “is this the right college for you?” phase. Such tales included how you would stop getting crowded after the first two weeks, and that you really aren’t that bad. And I’ll give it to you, bus system–I guess the last thing is true; you’re easy to get used to. You’re Rutgers culture, after all, and after a while I’ve learned not to exactly mind you. Even when you bother me, I would still never change my mind about attending this school… but I’ve got a few problems in mind, so brace yourself.

Now that I’m writing it down, I guess this one isn’t primarily your fault… but some people simply lack proper bus etiquette. Either they aren’t showering, they’re eating a smelly meal that reeks, they’ve got a backpack on one of…

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Helpful Medications

In my dorm room, I have a little black Sterilite container that contains some helpful medications/etc that have helped me stay healthy for this semester (so far!). I thought I would share with everyone. Hope it helps! -Halls -DayQuil/NyQuil -Delsym -Voltaren Gel (this is a prescribed medication for muscular pain, but similar OTC alternatives are... Continue Reading →

Happy 250 Rutgers!

On November 10, 2016, Rutgers celebrated its 250th year as a university. This was a big deal around campus and I'll never forget that Thursday. Thursdays aren't that busy for me, so I was able to do several things during my spare time. I took a dive at the Werblin Olympic-sized pool at Busch that... Continue Reading →

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