2016: The Best Of

Time goes by. Another year just passed and within  hours, 2016 will be just a memory. It's not an exaggeration to say that my decision to study in the United States, it was the most important year in my life so far. My life has changed a lot... I just want to share with you my personal favorites... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Spring Semester

Although we are still weeks away from the start of Rutgers’ spring semester, it is important to think about the upcoming semester and what this may mean for the course of our academic careers in university. For some of us, this means we are nearing our last semesters in an undergraduate setting. For others, this... Continue Reading →

2017: Resolutions for RU Students

As university students, in various stages of our academic careers, personal goals and individual resolutions shift from person to person. As 2017 fast approaches, it is important to think about the year’s pursuits, whether they are new endeavors or old passions that have been collecting dust in the past months. Each day should be a... Continue Reading →


2016 is finally over and in my opinion it’s been a roller coaster. From the presidential election to Rutgers 250th anniversary, and personally graduating high school and moving on to college, 2016 has been so memorable as well as long and many other adjectives. But it is also important to look back and reflect on... Continue Reading →

So by the time many of you will read this, your finals will be over and winter break will have officially started. So first off congrats on finishing another semester (or your first semester if you have a freshmen) and on getting through finals week. But winter break is now here and it’s approximately 3... Continue Reading →

Go to Guide to Survive Finals

So... who else is freaking out? I am, particularly because I'm writing from the library. And on a typical day, I'd never write from the library but it's finals week, and I'm taking  a break from studying... so here I am! Obviously, this has been the most stressful time I've experienced as a Rutgers student... Continue Reading →

If you’re from Piscataway…

Disclaimer: This post is really meant for students currently in Piscataway High School, especially those that are in the process of applying for college. I graduated from Piscataway High School, class of 2016, and will always remember the anti-Rutgers sentiment that followed me during those years just until college application time. I was like a lot... Continue Reading →

Decorating for the Holidays

Unfortunately, we have to get through finals before celebrating the holidays. The only thing getting me through this time of the semester is holiday spirit. I celebrate Christmas, so I've been listening to Christmas music while I study and planning out what to do when I go to New York later this month (besides seeing... Continue Reading →

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