Best Study Spots: Revealed!

Hello, RU family! I have been asked a lot recently — being the nerd that I am — where my favorite places to study are… and there are certainly a few. Below, I have outlined my 4 favorite places to hit the books… and notes… and powerpoints… I have also rated the locations based on... Continue Reading →

Before Due Dates/Deadlines, Utilize the Library

On Livingston, there is Kilmer. On College Avenue, there is Alexander (my personal favorite). On Douglass, there is Mabel Smith Douglass Library. This is only a petite percentage of Rutgers’ widespread collection of libraries among New Brunswick, additionally including the Newark and Camden campuses. Particularly, since I am a New Brunswick student, I would like... Continue Reading →

Personal Training at Rutgers

With so much food at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to eat healthy and prevent weight gain. There's always worry over the "freshman fifteen" but not much talk about what can be done to prevent it. Organizations such as RU Healthy may push students to go for the greener dining option, but remember that the... Continue Reading →

Crew: The Forgotten Scarlett Sport

Rutgers is a humongous institution. Its size is easily noticeable when it comes to soft data: the number of students (that nearly exceeds 40 thousand on New Brunswick campus), the countless number of extra-curricular activities, and finally, the unlimited number of sport organizations that one can join here. Without a doubt, it is excellent to... Continue Reading →

Preventing Student Burnout

It’s already the second week of a new semester, and I am already exhausted. Yesterday I was doing my Calculus homework all day and I honestly got burnout because it took forever. Luckily for me, it wasn’t too bad and I was able to start studying again a couple of hours later, but being burned... Continue Reading →

Online Courses: At Your Own Pace

This semester, I am taking an online course for the first time in my college career. My online course's accessible platform through eCollege has offered me the tools to succeed in a virtual classroom: there is a textbook to read, a forum for professor-student discussion, and a grading book in which I can keep track... Continue Reading →

So You Want To Be A Rutgers Nursing Major?

Happy New Year, readers!! This is going to be one of my school-specific posts, directed at those high school seniors who are anxiously waiting to hear back, or have already heard back, from admissions regarding their acceptance into the Rutgers University New Brunswick School of Nursing. As a first-year nursing student who has completed her... Continue Reading →

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