4 Reasons Why I love Rutgers

I remember growing up, I never even entertained the thought about going to Rutgers. I remember thinking that Rutgers must be an easy school because it is so close. I thought that Rutgers was too big for me too handle and I would not get to know anyone here and be too overwhelmed to see... Continue Reading →

Spring Break: Cleaning Up and Getting Ahead

Like an anticipated reward for making it through the first half of the spring semester, students embrace Spring Break with great relief and visions of relaxation in mind (or in some cases, visions of vacation in mind). However, Spring Break is an excellent and convenient gap of time to physically clean your living space; rejuvenate... Continue Reading →

There’s An App For That

The life of a Rutgers student is jam-packed with runs to catch buses, quick dining hall stops, long study marathons, and more. Just when you think life couldn’t get more complicated, life always seems to find its way to do so. But, have no fear! There are some computer and phone applications which I have... Continue Reading →

Always Look Back

They say you should never look back. Well, I'm here to tell you that you should. I'm at the midpoint of my college career: the second semester of my sophomore year. I could not be more grateful for all the people and events that have shaped me in the past year and a half. It's... Continue Reading →

Tips for Making Friends

As a freshmen, I was really nervous about making friends in college. When I was applying to colleges, I tried to look for colleges that were small because I wanted to get to know people which I thought would be difficult a big university. But when I joined Rutgers, I was honestly worried about how... Continue Reading →

Reasons Why March is One of the Best Months

Two beautiful little words: SPRING.BREAK. It doesn't matter if you're heading to a tropical vacation, (but if you are I'm really, really jealous) a break from midterm chaos and cramming in the library can do all of us Rutgers students well. Also, I think I'll definitely be okay without dining hall food for a few days.... Continue Reading →

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