Shopping, shopping, and more shopping!

With just a little bit of a month to go, move in day is coming up very quickly!  Lately, all I have been doing is shopping for my dorm. CHECKLIST Comforter set Binder and Notebooks Pens Calculator Lotion(s) (Quantity: 100) SNACKS (LOTS OF SNACKS) Parents College Gear My favorite pair of slippers

10 Tips for Applying to College

During senior year, I often heard my friends complaining about applying to college. There are so many deadlines to keep track of, papers and forms to get together. Luckily, I did all of my applications early on so, my senior year was significantly easier. While it is a time consuming process, there's ways to make it seem easy and painless, well as painless as possible. Here's some quick tips on getting through the college application process:

The Summer Before Senior Year

The onset of senior year can feel overwhelming when you realize there's only a year left before you begin a whole new chapter of your life: college. The past three years have given subtle reminders to start thinking about your future. Chances are, besides a handful of college visits, SAT/ACT prep and AP courses, you... Continue Reading →

My First College Interview

Freshman year at college is certainly going to be filled with lots of firsts: living in a dorm, sharing a room, being without parents, friends, food and lots of others. For me, one first came sooner than expected: my first college interview. My first college interview was for a volunteer program called The Collaborative Mentoring... Continue Reading →

On Making New Connections

One of the most exciting — and simultaneously most nerve-wracking — things about starting college is all the new people you'll meet. It's like starting elementary school (or middle school, or high school) all over again. Who will you sit with at lunch? Who will you hang out with at parties? Who will your roommate be? And... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready to Apply?

It feels like just yesterday that I was about to start my senior year of high school and was getting ready to start my college applications. Now, as I am about to enter my freshman year at Rutgers, I want to share any information and tips I can to help you with this crucial part... Continue Reading →

College Shopping & Packing List

A college packing list is nothing new; they're all over the internet. I myself have spent countless hours looking through the ones on Pinterest and blogs. When it came time to go shopping, I couldn't pick just one list to follow so, I made my own.

Dorm Haul

Dorm shopping is one of the most exciting things to do during the summer before college! As Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond start to advertise their dorm supplies I find myself growing more and more excited for the start of the school year. It all feels like it can't come soon enough but, living in a small dorm room with another person is going to be a huge change so, dorm shopping feels all the more important.

R U Ready To Learn About Rutgers?

All across New Jersey, a faint noise is lurking in the air. It starts out as a gentle, indistinguishable whisper but rapidly becomes easier to decipher. What started out as a gentle mutter has now turned into a proud chant that shakes the whole state from the mountains of North Jersey to the beaches down... Continue Reading →

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation: the day it all begins! Okay, that may sound cheesy and maybe it's not the day it all begins but, it is certainly a big step towards the new adventure that is college. During this two day span, you meet new classmates, try new dining hall food, learn new Rutgers cheers, get new Rutgers... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Rutgers (Out-of-State Edition)

Sure, New Student Orientation comes highly recommended by school staff and upperclassmen alike (just check out some of the previous posts on this blog!). But when your travel time is five and a half hours, and you're trying to fit four days' clothing plus bedding plus toiletries in a single carry-on suitcase, suddenly the whole thing can seem overwhelming.

RU Internships and Careers

Internships and jobs are difficult to find whether you are a current Rutgers student or a recent graduate. My first year at Rutgers, I set a goal to find an internship that can help me build essential skills and gain experience in my desired field. I noticed right away that I had difficulty finding anything... Continue Reading →

Registration: QUICK TIPS!

Below are some details & tips that I have found to be very helpful in creating (and GETTING) my perfect schedule during Rutgers’ registration process. For many of us, this may be a “keep-on-file” article, for next Spring semester; however, for incoming freshman who have yet to create their schedule for the Fall of 2017,... Continue Reading →

A Day in My Life: Living on Cook Douglass

So in my opinion Cook/Douglass is under appreciated. I love this campus so much and I can't imagine living anywhere else. Its so beautiful and peaceful and relaxing. Its like a getaway from the stress of college (my classes are on different campuses). So I compiled several pictures of Cook/Douglass.     Cook/Douglass is beautiful.... Continue Reading →

Stop Hating on Group Assignments

Earlier today I was on the Rutgers c/o 2020 Facebook page, and someone posted a video that had a bar graph on what group assignments taught people. The bar for "how to do the entire project on my own" was significantly high, and the bar for "how much I hate people" broke through the top.... Continue Reading →

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