Turn Your Dreams into a Resolution This Semester

There is something beautiful about an entire culture collectively deciding one night to make a change in their lives for the better. This is the phenomenon of New Years Eve. Everyone decides on a few minor positive alterations that begin with the annual transition (after the hangover subsides, of course.) But why stop at the … More Turn Your Dreams into a Resolution This Semester

So You Want To Be A Rutgers Nursing Major?

Happy New Year, readers!! This is going to be one of my school-specific posts, directed at those high school seniors who are anxiously waiting to hear back, or have already heard back, from admissions regarding their acceptance into the Rutgers University New Brunswick School of Nursing. As a first-year nursing student who has completed her … More So You Want To Be A Rutgers Nursing Major?

2016: The Best Of

Time goes by. Another year just passed and within  hours, 2016 will be just a memory. It’s not an exaggeration to say that my decision to study in the United States, it was the most important year in my life so far. My life has changed a lot… I just want to share with you my personal favorites … More 2016: The Best Of


2016 is finally over and in my opinion it’s been a roller coaster. From the presidential election to Rutgers 250th anniversary, and personally graduating high school and moving on to college, 2016 has been so memorable as well as long and many other adjectives. But it is also important to look back and reflect on … More Reflection

So by the time many of you will read this, your finals will be over and winter break will have officially started. So first off congrats on finishing another semester (or your first semester if you have a freshmen) and on getting through finals week. But winter break is now here and it’s approximately 3 … More


It recently got cooler, but I can’t complain about that infamously unpredictable “Jersey weather” that I’ve experienced so far. I miss those sunny days of late October when it was so warm that I could even sit under the tree near Scott Hall and study. For the first time ever I was wearing shorts in … More (N/M)ovember

My Final Thoughts (for this Semester) as Final Exams Approach

In the Kilmer Library, studying students come and go on the second-floor. Flowing rotations of students ascend the stairs, stay for some time, and later descend to the lower levels. While here, they occupy wooden carrels and vacant spaces with seating; they read, highlight, write, and type. There is a pleasant silence in the library … More My Final Thoughts (for this Semester) as Final Exams Approach

Build-a-thon 2016! (Best Service Project at Rutgers)

Last month, I took part in one of the most challenging yet enjoyable community service projects I’ve ever done in my life, the Build-a-thon. The Rutgers Build-a-thon is an event run by Habitat for Humanity where teams of 4+ people are tasked with raising funds to build a shelter which they will have to build … More Build-a-thon 2016! (Best Service Project at Rutgers)